Wessex Mailbox Maintenance Service

Wessex master

$89.00 One-time service includes:

  • Light hand sanding and painting of entire post/box
  • Replacement of flag if missing or broken
  • Replace address numbers on box along with “Wessex” logo on front
  • Attempt will be made to make any hinge/door repairs. *See fine print.

Price is based on the mailbox models and their respective life expectancy in your community.

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Additional work that can be completed upon request:

  • Reset of loose post in concrete
  • Replacement of box only- $289.00 (This is a new style box approved by HOA)
  • Replacement of post only – $365.00
  • Replacement of entire post and mailbox system – $569.00

Other specific parts in need of repair would need to be assessed for pricing and provided to homeowner.


*The Fine Print

What this service does not include:

  • Any paint stripping of the post/box
  • Inability to complete flag repair due to structural integrity of the box
  • Broken hinge/door repairs will be attempted but will be addressed with the homeowner on a case by case basis as old box/parts are no longer available.
  • Maintenance on vandalism or acts of God.